Who Are We?

InGrindWeNoize - is a first and so far the only one, distributional venture of  underground arts and alternative music, as well as a Zine Publishing, operating out of Russia, with customer base being primarily in the Western Countries

Zine Publishing

Our History

Started in 2017, however being existent in a form of an independent distributor for more than a decade, we decided that it was the time for us to grow and expand our reach with the formation of our distribution agency of harder sides of art and music, however you would be pleased to learn that we don't get hanged on to styles,so it is just possible to see quite a variety of genres we distribute from hard to soft and from slow to fast

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Our Vision = Our Mission

Our vision is indeed our mission, which is a dedication to share joy with our customers of owning a rare piece of art or music from our wide selection. We support art and music and so shall you! Items in our store and parts of the profits come and go to many other independent artists musicians, labels, and publishers

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Are you an artist, publisher, musician or else? Interested in working with Us? Get in grind we noize with us

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